When you place your digital product on the World Wide Web, how do you prevent people from stealing it? After all, your product is only a file which can be copied easily, and anyone can find your download link. You can protect your work using certain software programs; however there are some extremely easy and free techniques which are quite effective as well. Get in touch with dmca takedown service to find out how you can protect your business from online piracy.

WinZip Your Files

Zipping your files is an effective way to stop them from showing up in searches. This is why several information products are available as .zip files. Give it a strange and long file name. For example, do not give your online advertising .zip file a name like, "5 Surefire Methods To Generate Funds On The Internet!" Rather, make it a set of random numbers and letters so that it will not show up when people perform keyword searches.


Shield Your Download Link

An individual can simply copy your download link or button and share it on social media sites or online forums. An effective way to prevent this is by changing the URL or saving the download page using a different file name regularly. This is probably sufficient to stop thieves from stealing your work for a couple of weeks. The software piracy offers customized one hundred percent set-and-forget internet piracy protection services.

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Protect your Product With a Password

An effective method to protect your information products is by protecting them with a password. When you send the download link to your clients, you also send them a password. Before they can download the file, they have to key in the password. This will prevent people from sharing your digital product on torrent websites. No one can access the product without using your password. Changing the password regularly will help to protect the product even further. Check out DCMA Takedown Service for more info about protecting your digital files from online thieves.


License Coding

License coding is a highly effective method to protect your digital products from unauthorized downloads. With this technique, you can insert a code into your digital product so that you will know who has downloaded it. When you find your product with people who have not officially purchased it, you can render their copy inoperative. In addition, you can utilize license coding when your customers ask for refunds. Return their money and then render their copy of your digital product inoperative. DMCA takedown uses up to date scanning software to look for and remove links that are sharing your digital product illegally. Visit their website for more information about digital product download protection.


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